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Who are we?

It came to me in the shower – life is crazy and awesome. The places, the people, the things; I wanted to share just how crazy and awesome it all is with the world.

We are richmondC, a team of friends who love life and want to share it with everyone. We scour California for anything we find cool or interesting, then we we write about it.

Anything interesting we find, from discovering new places with an intriguing culture or unique sights, emerging trends in fashion, innovative home improvements, or even just great new places to eat, we will share it here. Our interests are broad and always expanding; we can’t wait to discover new things!

We want to bring the best of the world into the spotlight. It doesn’t matter our audience is a handful or a hundred thousand, showing people our favourite parts of life is our passion.

Some of the links in our posts help support us and the awesome companies that make the products we write about, so check out our handpicked products page if you’re interested in getting a great deal and helping us out.

Anyways, that’s enough about who we are – that’s not why you’re here. You’re looking for the things in life that are crazy and awesome. So take a look around the site and together, we can find something intersting.

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