Top Smartwatches 2018


Top Smartwatches 2018

Smartwatches are the ultimate smartphone accessories for 2018. They’re loaded with tons of features from calling and texting to tracking your health to controlling you home system. You can browse the internet, get turn-by-turn directions, do google searches, and so much more directly from wrist!

More and more smartwatches are being released every year and its hard to keep track on which ones are the best. To find the best smartwatch on the market, we need to think about what we want to use it for and what we’re using it with. Let’s break it down of the best smartwatches for 2018.

Apple Watch Series 3

Everyone has heard of the Apple Watch Series 3. Some of the major features:

  • GPS + Cellular
  • Water Resistant 50m
  • 18 hour battery
  • 312 by 390 pixels
  • Excellent Fitness Tracking


The Apple Watch Series 3 is the best smartwatch for your iPhone. It is pretty much an Apple Watch Series 2 but what we love about the Series 3 is the longer battery life and much faster speeds. The series 3 also has a much clearer and brighter screen than all the other models but still has the same style of previous models.

What we love about the Apple Watch Series 3 is that it pairs wonderfully to our iPhones. Many of the features we love our iPhone can be accessed directly from the Apple Watch. In addition, we love the onboard GPS which allows us to navigate our way around without our phones (even in the noncelluar model).

What we don’t like about the Apple Watch Series 3 is that you’re locked in to using iPhones. If we want to use an Android or any other phones, the watch will not be compatible with them. Also for being the 3rd series of the Apple Watch Series, we hoped Apple would’ve changed the design; however, that’s just our personal opinion.

TicWatch Pro

You’re probably wondering what is a TicWatch? It may not be popular but this is one of our favorite smartwatch alternative to the Apple Watch. Some features we love:

  • Dual Screen Technology
  • Up to 48h of battery 
  • Premium Design
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  •  Built-in GPS


What we love about this smartwatch is the premium design and compatibility with both iOS and Android. Yes long battery life a great feature but we didn’t necessarily find a need a for it. The TicWatch is made from a hard nylon combined with glass fiber giving it a solid structure. This watch is IP68 waterproof and worked well when testing it in the ocean.

What we don’t love about this watch is that there isn’t an LTE version of this watch so if you’re going out for a jog, you will need to take your phone with you. With this being compatible with both Android and iPhone, some features are unavailable such as Apple Pay.

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is the newest of the Fitbit line. Smaller and cheaper than other smartwatches, the fitbit is packed with man features:

  • Fitbit Pay
  • Water Resistant 50m
  • 40 hour battery
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Best Fitness Tracker


We really liked the Fitbit Versa with our day to day activities. We tracked everything we our Fitbit Versa from our heart rate throughout the day to our sleep stages at night. Unlike other smartwatches, the Fitbit Versa came with many great stocked Apps to track our activities while other smartwatches, we needed to download a better third party App. Another feature we love about the Fitbit Versa is the ability to store over 300+ songs on it so no need to bring our phones everywhere with us.

What we didn’t like about this watch is the design and feels. This watch feels like a cheap toy you use to get with your happy meals. This could be due to its ultra-thin light weight design but it still doesn’t give the feels of a smartwatch. We also wished there was a GPS in this smartwatch. We never thought we would be using the GPS feature in many watches but when you have the feature, it turns out it’s one of our must haves in a smartwatch.

TicWatch E

Many of these smartwatches are pretty pricey. The cheaper smartwatches aren’t really that smart. The TicWatch E is a great smartwatch at a cheaper price packed with many similar features:

  • Accurate GPS and Heart Rate Sensors
  • Up to 24h of battery 
  • 400 x 400 OLED Display
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  •  Independent from phone


The TicWatch E is one of the better valued watches in the market. Comes with many similar features you’ll find in most smartwatches. Built-in GPS, fitness tracker, health tracker, phone calls and text messages, and a lot more. Many of these features can also be used without your phone which is a huge plus. 

What we don’t like about this watch is the design. It’s not badly designed but compared to other smartwatches, the band just looks and feels cheap. Like other hybrid smartwatches, apps are limited to what you can download.  

Misfit Vapor

The Misfit Vapor is one of our favorites because of its simplicity. Some features of the misfit Vapor are:

  • 1.3 -inch AMOLED Display
  • Water Resistant 50m
  • 48 hour battery
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Standalone Music Player


We had to mention this one because of its modern design. Many smartwatches are designed to look, well like a smartwatch. The MisFit Vapor gives minimalist  design and many customization (for android mostly). This watch looks and feels like a real watch and not just another piece of tech you’re wearing. You’re able to change the watch face to whatever design you like (we made our own) and you’re able to change the band to whatever you like. We did find this watch worked a lot better with Android than iOS. Android gave us a lot more options in customization and features while iOS gave us a few features (text and call, music controls, and tracking).

What we don’t like about this watch is that for the price, it’s missing some features we wish it had such as Android Pay. The Misfit Activity App is also very limited but they did announce they will be redoing the app to add more features and stay up to date. We also did find that this watch tends to overheat while jogging. It wasn’t to big of deal and it was probably due to the summer weather we have been having in California.