iOS 12 release date, news and features

September 17, 2018

The long wait has finally come, the release of iOS 12 is out now. Apple has released it’s beta version a few months ago and people have been using it like it’s the official version. Why? Apple made this beta the smoothest beta release they have ever allowed us to download. There wasn’t a lot of major flaws which made it the most downloaded beta in Apple’s history. Enough about the beta because that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Apple has made the official version of iOS 12 available today and many Apple users have already downloaded it. Here is everything you need to know about the iOS 12 update.

Device Compatibility

It was announced at Apple’s WWDC that iOS 12 will be available to all devices that can run iOS 11. Devices that are newer than the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini 2 will be able to download Apple’s latest firmware.

iOS 12 Reliability

One of the best features of iOS 12 is that it makes your device much more reliable. By that, I mean Apple has designed this firmware to speed up older devices making your iPhone more reliable than iOS 11. This firmware has focused on increasing speeds on older devices anywhere from 20% to 40%.

Apple specifically used the iPhone 6 Plus as their prime example of reliability. The iPhone 6 Plus will be 40% faster in launching apps, 70% faster in launching the camera, and 50% faster in displaying the keyboard.

Best New Feature

There are tons of new features in iOS 12. Cnet actually did a really good job in explaining some of these features. Some of the major features Cnet talked about are:

  • improvement in Siri
  • Screen time analytics
  • Change in notification manager
  • Group calls in FaceTime
  • Animoji
  • iPhone X closing apps optimization
  • built-in tape measure

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) has been a huge focus for Apple. The new iOS 12 has improved AR by allowing users to have a “shared experience.” This gives AR users the ability to experience multiplayer capabilities. 

Popular companies such as LEGO has already implemented iOS 12 multiplayer AR capabilities in a few of their apps. LEGO allows players to build an AR town together.

iOS 12 AR

Easier Emergency Calls

It’s pretty easy to dial 911 already for when you’re in an emergency. It really can’t get much easier than to dial the 3 numbers. Apple has found a way to improve calls to emergency services by allowing the caller to automatically share their location with the police, firefighters, an ambulance. Your location is only shared with them and them only so Apple still maintains it’s work in keeping your privacy.

Photos App

Photos is the one feature we all love in phones. Just a few years ago, we had to carry a digital camera around to take pictures but now we can take better quality pictures with our phones.

iOS 12 brings improvements to the photos app by giving suggestions on who to share your photos with, improving the search options, a new ‘For You’ tab, and share back suggestions. One of the key features we love is the share back options. Once you take a picture, your phone will recommend on who you’re going to want to share the picture with. 

Apple CarPlay

The big feature we love (and many people) is the improvement in Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is a feature that allows us to mirror or phone to our car’s screen. In iOS 11, this was an okay feature since it did not support third-party apps.

iOS 12 fixes this issue by allowing third-party apps to be mirrored in Apple CarPlay. Apps such as Google News and Waze can now be mirrored to your car.