iPhone vs Android: Which is better?

The debate has always been going on between which smartphone is better, iPhone or Android. Of course, each phone has their pros and cons and depending how you look at it, you can argue that iPhone is better than Android or Android is better than iPhone. There also many companies that produce Android phones while Apple is the only company that produces iPhone. So let’s talk about iPhone vs Android: Which is better?

There are many factors that to look at when comparing the two. On top of that, when we talk about either of the phones, it’s kinda hard to make a judgement which is better than the other since every year a new iPhone and new Android device is released. So let’s look at the big picture of it all. Let’s look at the company as a whole and how to they build their products.


Apple Support

We all know how support works with any Apple products. There are so many ways you can get support if something goes wrong with your iPhone. Most popular, you can make a Genius Appointment. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, you can make an appointment or even just walk in and tell them what is wrong with your iPhone. 

Now that doesn’t mean Apple’s support is perfect. In fact, it’s far from perfect. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, you want it fixed fast! Most appointments can only be booked a week after. So if you want to get your iPhone fixed, you may just have to wait a week or more. If you’re walking in, well you may have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours just to get someone to look at the issue. And if you’re trying to get support over the phone or online, they can only give basic solutions from restarting your phone to running a diagnosis. 

It’s not perfect but Apple provide this for free. If it’s a minor fix, you can get away with paying nothing but if it’s a major fix such as a cracked screen, prepare to spend some money and time to get your iPhone fixed. 

Android Support

If you need support with your Android device, it varies where you can go. You have many options to choose from but note that not everyone can do it right. Just like iPhones, you can take your Android to local repair shops but some use cheap materials to keep prices low which will ultimately mess up your device. 

If you own a Samsung, you can take it to their Samsung Care Center better known as uBreakiFix. They’re advertised to have over 300+ locations so far with the majority of them being in urban cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. With a quick Google search, we found that most people buy their Samsung devices from their carrier or Best Buy. Although some carriers offer support and Best Buy offers their Geek Squad (which is supported by Samsung Care), it’s still a little confusing to many Samsung users on where they can take their phone when they need support.

Other Android companies such as Google and Windows also recommends using uBreakiFix for their devices but, Google first recommends you contact their new virtual “Genius Bar” for support first. 

iphone vs android

Ease of use

Many people want a smartphone that is easy to use. This where Apple took the advantage as the iPhone was one of the first smartphones for many people. Why is this an advantage though? Many people got use to using iPhone and over the years as Apple has updated their firmware, the usability still seems the same as the very first iPhone. Others who seeked to do more with their phones went on to Android. 

At first hand, Android devices come out to be complicated for someone coming from an iPhone. The homescreen isn’t already preloaded with the basic apps and it’s also different than the menu. Apple’s homescreen is the menu. You have all your apps ready to go while Android you would still need to navigate over to the menu. This isn’t a big deal but to someone coming from Apple, they may not like this. 

One popular reason people chose to switch to Android is because they want to do more with their phones. Apple is limited to the apps in the app store while Android actually allows you to download apps from the internet as well as their market. Imagine you want an app that finds the best bars around you and lets assume this app is on the internet but not on the App Store. If you’re an Apple user then you’re pretty much out of luck but if you’re an android user, you can easily download the app from the internet and install it no problems (well it depends)! Although it’s not popular, some Android users have reported getting a virus from downloading apps from the internet but this is not too popular at least.

Artificial Inteligence (AI)

When it comes to talking about AI, there is no doubt that Google Assistant is better than Siri.

Siri came first but Google Assistant still beats Siri no matter what. Siri can do your basic commands but it’s still limited. If you want to play some music from Apple Music, no problem, but if you want to play music from Spotify, Siri just cannot do that. Siri is more of a shortcut to do things on the iPhone while Google Assistant acts more of a real assistant for you.

Google Assistant can perform a wide variety of task from making phone calls for you to calculating when you need to leave to make your appointment. In addition, Google Assistant is a lot more accurate than Siri when it comes to task. Say you need to find the closest FedEx around you. Google Assistant will do just that but, Siri may not be as accurate as it’ll find a FedEx near you but it may not be the closest FedEx around you. 

But this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker since Google Assistant is available on iOS.

iphone vs android


This is an important one. Most of us use our phones for years until we just can’t use it anymore. When you buy an iPhone, you’ll be getting all the updates for years until it is not supported anymore (which is very unlikely). Your iPhone 6S will still be running the same iOS as the newest iPhones until Apple chooses to not support them. 

Android updates are great but there are many updates that are not available to some devices. You pretty much have to pray that the next update will be available for your device. 

Apple manages their updates and decides which iPhone can and will receive their upcoming updates. You don’t have to depend on your carrier or manufacturer to release the update. With Android, Google usually supplies the updates and it’s up to Samsung or other android companies to release the updates to their product. So it’s a hit or miss for Android updates but iPhone, you will always receive the updates.

There are so many factors you can talk about when it comes to this topic. Personally we love our iPhones. We can’t really back this up with actual evidence, but we feel iPhones are much more durable than Android. It’s very rare for us to have a problem with our iPhones. When we use to have the Galaxy S7, we found many problems with it from overheating to freezing when browsing through Facebook. We love how smooth iPhones run and we don’t really care about the more features Android has than Apple. Many features we use daily on Google such as Google docs and Google pics are also available on the App store so we’re not missing out on anything we need. 

Don’t get me wrong, Android makes quality phones but the features seems to be lacking in quality. Fingerprint and Facial ID we found wasn’t the greatest on Android as it took a few tries to unlock our phones with. Apple does have similar problems but it’s not common.