5 Fall Men's Outfit Ideas


I think it’s best to start off by saying many fall outfits look great wearing a nice pair of leather boots. Yes, there’s other shoes you can wear with your fall outfit, but a pair of leather boots will take your outfit to the next level. The Rockport Men’s Waterproof Storm Surge Toe Boot is our top pick for boots choice because it’s stylish, durable, and comfortable. The nice thing about these boots are that they are waterproof which will come in handy for when it starts pouring hard (unless you’re in California, we’ll see). We actually bought two pairs, one black and one brown to put together our fall outfits. We usually wear brown just because it really brings together the fall outfit more but it’s always nice to switch it up.  

Outfit #1

First rule to wearing leather, all leather must match. The model is wearing a brown leather jacket, brown leather belt, and brown leather boots.When all your leather matches, then the outfit flows well. Also notice the shade of brown he’s wearing. All the leather he’s wearing is a dark brown color which makes the outfit even better. If you’re looking for a brown leather jacket to match the Rockport shoes, definitely check out the Members Only Racer Jacket.

You might have heard that if you want to bump up your style, pair your outfit with a nice set of dark colored jeans. That is definitely true but, it always depends on the what else you’re wearing. Imagine this model with a pair of dark color jeans. His outfit would be dark overall. That is not something we want. I tell people to make a sandwich when picking out what to wear. The bread should be the same, the meat should be different. In this outfit, the bread is the dark colors (jacket, sweater, and boots) and the meat are the light color jeans. 

Living in California, I don’t layer up. Our Fall weather consist of days being a little under 70 degrees so it’s not something I do. What you wear under your leather, a shirt or sweater, should be similar to the color vibe of your outfit but shouldn’t be the same color. Here, the color vibe is dark, so pick a darker color to wear under your dark leather jacket. 

Men's Fashion Fall Outfit
Men's Fashion Fall Outfit

Outfit #2

If you live in California, maybe the weather isn’t going to be cold enough to wear a leather jacket. It does get pretty hot out here. So here’s a good fall outfit idea for those that live in places where Fall still feels like Summer.

What’s unique about this outfit is the Denim Shirt. The leather still matches in his outfit, he’s wearing black pants, and to top off the outfit, he’s wearing a dark blue denim shirt. Fall is about wearing darker colors. From burgundy to a dark brown. The denim shirt flows well with the outfit as he maintains the same dark color vibe throughout his outfit. 

If you choose to wear a denim shirt, it’s also noteworthy to say you cannot wear denim pants with this outfit. It just wouldn’t look right. If you’re wearing a dark color pants such as black, wear a dark color denim. 


Outfit #3

Maybe you don’t want to wear boots. Maybe you want to take a break from wearing boots. Here’s a great casual fall outfit to wear with a pair of white sneakers. Warning, this outfit may be hard to wear because camo is definitely a hard piece to incorporate.

Notice how simple this outfit is. Jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, and shirt. This is a nice casual fall outfit that can even keep you warm for when the weather drops. If you choose to do this outfit, definitely note how his shirt and shoes match. In between the two matching clothing piece is a pair of medium colored jeans. Not too dark to throw the outfit off and also not too light to make the outfit look like a flashlight.

The camo shirt is something I find hard to wear. I can never seem to get it to match my overall outfit. If you’re wearing camo, make sure it’s the proper shade to match the overall outfit. Make sure it’s dark enough to let your shirt stand out and also light enough to let your outfit flow. 

Also note how the outfit fits. Nothing on this outfit is baggy or hanging off. He’s keeping a trim fit style everywhere from jeans to shirt. If you’re a trim person, dress like you’re trim. If you’re a bulkier person, dress like you’re bulkier. Don’t dress like someone you’re not.

Men's Fashion Fall Outfit
Men's Fashion Fall Outfit

Outfit #4

Let’s pull away from wearing jackets or a button down. This outfit is a nice trim fit fall style outfit. Consist of those brown leather boots, dark colored pants, and a gray sweater.
I love wearing sweaters during the fall time. Looks clean, stylish, eye-catching, and variable. When it’s too cold, roll down the sleeves, stay warm. When it’s too hot, roll up the sleeves and still look good. 
Now I am not a fan of wearing two colors next to each other. The model is wearing blue pants and a blue shirt. If he took the sweater off, the outfit would be a huge no for me but, with the sweater, the outfit doesn’t make him look like a what I say a highlighter (when all the colors are the same). 
There’s not a whole lot to say about this outfit that we haven’t mentioned yet. Leather brown shoes and leather brown watch. Dark color pants pair with a lighter color sweater. Maintaining a dark color shoes as well to give this out a fall style. Oh and also note how the sweater is a V neck which allows the collar to pop out.

Outfit #5

This last outfit we’re going to keep it simple. This simple casual fall outfit consist of pants, shirt, and a double breasted coat

Besides the color choice, I think what makes this outfit a great fall outfit idea is the double breasted coat. When wearing it like this, in a casual style, never actually button it up. It looks great unbutton, goes well with many fall outfits, and maintains a trim fit look. One of the great features of this coat is the size of the collars. The bigger the  details are of your outfit, the more fall vibe your outfit will show. It may not be that cold, but this jacket tells everyone you’re stylish and you’re ready for the fall weather. 

Men's Fashion Fall Outfit