5 Men's Fashion Tips

September 4, 2018

You know we love to look good wherever we go. We always to aim the “dress to impress” moto. Wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, we want that clean, smart, fashionable style. We want people to turn their heads and be like “damn, his outfit is on point!” Whether it’s your everyday outfit or a special occasion outfit, you need to follow these 5 men’s fashion tips to look good and feel good. 

Tip 1: Value Style

When it comes to men’s fashion, you need to value style. You’re never going to be dressing nicely if you never follow this tip. If you value style, you’re going to appreciate the nice clothes you buy and wear. Appreciating style will get you to want to dress better. If you don’t have the desire to dress better then you’re never going to dress better, it’s as simple as that.

We are all aware of the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” but let’s be honest, everyone does this. When you walk into a car dealership dressed in a nice shirt and pants, those salesmen are going to take you more seriously than if you were to walk in the store with basketball shorts and a tank top. People make their first impression on you by what they see. Value your style, want to dress better, and make the good first impression wherever you go. 

We always value a clean look which is why we aim to show you clothing pieces that will get that clean look in our fashion products.

Tip 2: Get the Right Shoes

This may seem obvious in men’s fashion but I see many people never doing this. On average, people are always wearing running shoes or skating shoes. That’s okay if you’re going out for a run or going skating, but there is no reason to wear these shoes every day with every outfit.

The shoe game has really come up since the past few years and people do notice what type of shoes you are wearing. Wearing black running shoes with your suit is a definite no but people still this, I don’t know why!

I always recommend getting a nice pair of Oxfords such as the ones made by Cole Haan. Their casual and comfortable shoes that maintain the clean look we’re aiming for. Any pair of dress shoes are always nice to wear, that is if you’re aiming for a dressy formal look. 

A mistake people typically do is wear their nice dress shoes they’ll wear with their suits and wear them with your jeans and shirt outfit. That s is a huge no. Don’t make your top part of the outfit casual and the bottom part of your outfit formal. This is another reason we say value style because you need to maintain one style throughout your outfit.


Tip 3: Take Care of your Clothes

I know we get lazy but nothing ruins your outfit more than a wrinkled shirt. When you search for men’s fashion outfit ideas, you don’t see models wearing a wrinkled shirt. You see models wearing a smooth, ironed out shirt. If you’re going to want to pull off a clean look, you can have the nicest shirts with the nicest pants and shoes, but you need to make sure they’re ironed!

Whether you’re wearing a pants and shirt outfit or a full-on suit, take the 15 minutes to iron the outfit. It may be easier to get away with it if you’re wearing a suit (since you’re wearing a jacket over) but with a casual pants and shirt outfit, there’s no way of hiding it. 

Please do wash your clothes right. Don’t ever mix your dirty clean outfit with your gym outfit. Do separate loads and take care of your clothes by throwing it in the delicates, separate from all your other clothes and yes, hang your clothes don’t dry them.

If you need a fast way to iron your clothes check out travel irons like these.


Tip 4: Fit

I mentioned this before and I’m a mention it again, make sure your clothes fit. Before you buy any piece of clothing, you should know how they should fit. Dress pants shouldn’t go too far over dress shoes, a jackets arm length shouldn’t pass the bottom of the jacket, know how each piece of clothing should be worn.

It’s like buying a car. You don’t buy a small sedan to go off-roading. You buy a 4×4 truck to go off-roading. This is exactly how it should be in men’s fashion. You buy clothes because you know how to wear them. 

Some quick tips, pants should be slim from your waist to the top of your shoes with a slight break if you want, shirt sleeves should stop at the base of thumbs, the shirt’s back collar should be very minimal, and the seam of a jacket should be at the top of the shoulders. Make sure you know how clothes fit before you even try them on.

Tip 5: Dress You

If you’re tall and skinny, dress tall and skinny. If you’re short and trim, dress short and trim. If you’re tall and bulky, dress tall and bulky. You get the point. The most important tip to men’s fashion is that you need to dress you. Don’t try to dress like someone or something you’re not because it’ll show.

Nothing is easier to see than a man dressing like someone he is not. We’ve all seen it before. Maybe in high school when you went to prom, you saw all the guys in a suit but for some reason it just didn’t fit well with them. That is because you know they’re not a suit type of a guy or a formal person, you know they’re someone that goes to your school and wears basketball shorts and a shirt every day of the year.

If you want to dress formal then be formal. If you want to dress casual, then be casual. This doesn’t mean you can only dress how you usually dress. But this does mean to dress appropriate with your body type.