Fall Style Tips for Women 2018

September 12, 2018

We love the Fall season. It’s probably one of the best seasons for fashion. It’s the time when you can dress cute and walk around to enjoy the great weather. The Fall season is the time when retailers release their most fashionable merchandise (if anything it’s the season they release the most merchandise to their customers). We even posted some of their latest release in our Women’s Fashion Products. With so many pieces to buy, it may get a little overwhelming on what to buy and what to match. That is why we’re here! Don’t overdo your outfit and check out these Fall Style Tips you must know.


Accessories are huge for the fall season. Scarfs, fancy belts, beanies, necklaces, and so much more are nice to add to your fall outfit but our style tip here is to not overdo it. Choose one to wear for your outfit and stick to it. Keep it minimal and casual, don’t look like you’re overdoing the season with all your accessories. Fashion Lady is great Facebook group if you need help matching your accessories with your outfits.

Cool Color Combo

If you live in California, then we can expect the Fall season to still be on the hotter side. We don’t get your typical Fall weather that other parts of the country get. So try out this cool color combo for one of your outfits.

White top with jeans and some khaki is our cool color combo you need to try. If it’s a little cooler for just a top, try a khaki jacket which will always look good with this color combo.

Colors for Fall

Dress for the Season

This style tip should go without saying but dress for the season. Wear the colors that match the season such as orange, red, and brown. Leave the bright colors you wore for summer in your closet, don’t let it see the fall season. This Color Analysis will help you know more what colors to wear for every season.

Wear clothes that fit the season too. Don’t dress like it’s still summer. That shorts and shirt outfit you wore to the beach that one day, leave the outfit out of your Fall wardrobe.

Outdoor Wear = No

We get it, the weather is getting cooler and we need to dress warmer. This doesn’t mean you have to wear your outdoor clothes for the season. Don’t dress like you’re going for a hike or going camping. There are plenty of options you can wear to dress warmer so keep your hiking or camping clothes for when you go hiking or camping.

Women's Hiking Outfit


Our next style tip is to layer right. Pile the layers to stay warm and comfortable but don’t forget to show some skin. We still have to look sexy right?


Pair Your Summer Outfits Right

One of my popular style tips to give is to wear your summer outfits right for the fall. BlogHer goes in dept about this but let’s be honest, it’s not rocket science. I usually tell people don’t wear your summer clothes because they can’t match it right for the season but if you want to wear that floral summer dress then try pairing it with a fall color coat. 

womens fashion tips

Socks and Sandals

Yes ladies, this is a no. Just don’t wear socks and sandals in your fall outfit. The knee-high socks with those stilettos do not look good and shouldn’t be worn in your fall outfit.

I don’t know if this is the schoolgirl alter ego but it does not look good for the season even if you try to match the colors. If you want to try out the knee-high socks then try it like this outfit.