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Making an Outfit

Men's outfit
Picture taken from lifestylebyps

Casual Outfits

This casual outfit features a Denim Shirt + White Crew Neck Tee + Black Jeans + White Sneakers. For an everyday style, this may seem a little overdress but one piece advice that goes around the fashion community is that it is better to be slightly overdressed than slightly underdress which is something I feel this outfit represents well. I’ll get into that a little more later but another thing that stands out in this outfit is its simplicity. Many people like to wear a T-shirt and some pants for their casual outfit and as you can see in the picture, this outfit is very similar to just that.

It’s better to be slightly overdressed than slightly underdressed

This is one of the general sayings in the fashion community, especially when you just want a casual outfit. An overdressed man looks like he just got from somewhere, or is going somewhere, while an undressed man always looks out of place. This is great example of being slightly overdressed for a casual outfit (when you’re use to a casual outfit being t-shirt and pants). Your outfit tells a lot about you. A slight overdressed outfit gives you a positive image wherever you go. 


When putting together a casual outfit, know how an item should fit before trying it on. In the picture, the t-shirt shouldn’t be longer than the denim shirt and the denim shirt shouldn’t pass your arms length. His jeans are also a few inches above his shoes. For this outfit, that’s a great fit as you don’t want your pants being to high but at the same time, you don’t want your pants being to low, touching or hanging off your shoes.

Wardrobe Choice

This outfit is fairly simple. The model is wearing pants, t-shirt, shirt, and shoes. This is a really simple outfit but why does it stand out as our casual outfit style? It is because of the wardrobe choice. A simple denim shirt brings the outfit to the next level. The matching t-shirt and shoe color is a great pair. The dark color jeans allow the brighter colors to stand out. When picking an outfit, make sure not one color is to overwhelming. Make sure the colors even out in your outfit.

Shirt and Tie Outfit

Let’s take a look at this outfit. It’s a nice clean look for a semi-formal occasion. The model is wearing a light blue color shirt, black pants, dark brown shoes, top it off with a floral tie, black belt, and a metallic tie bar. Not to mention his brown leather watch. This is my typical outfit when I’m going to a place I’m unsure of the dress code. You still look formal, maybe slightly overdressed or you’re slightly underdressed in which you’re missing a jacket. Let’s break this outfit down.


One mistake I see everyday is people do not dress their fit. What I mean by this, if you’re a slim guy with minimal mass, dress like a slim guy with minimal mass. Don’t wear a shirt that’s too baggy or even too tight. The fit of this model a matches the fit of his outfit. He is a trim guy wearing a trim fit shirt and trim fit pants. In addition, his tie is not wide and matches his body type. Take a look at the fit of his pants. It is tailored for his height. It reaches the top of his shoes with a small fold. It doesn’t overlap his shoes which allows the shoes to stand out in this outfit.

Color Scheme

I typically like to follow a certain color rule. All leather should match, items next to each other should be opposite colors. The model is wearing a black leather belt with dark brown shoes. This doesn’t follow my rule but yet it still works? Playing around with outfits, he kept it very minimal. The colors are still very similar, both being a dark color. Notice how all major items next to each other are also opposites. A light color shirt + a dark tie + a dark color pants + a slightly less darker shoes.  An outfit I cannot stand is when all items are very similar colors. Picture an outfit that has a dark red shirt with black pants, and a dark brown tie. Doesn’t look to good right? Every piece of clothing will stand out much better when it is next to an opposite color. The model’s dark tie with his light color shirt. The model’s two opposite colored bracelets next to each other. 

Men's outfit
Picture taken from OutfitIdeasHQ