Men's Suits You Can Afford

September 20, 2018

Buying a suit is confusing and expensive. We’ve mentioned our favorite suits on our men’s fashion page but there are many options! If you ever went out to buy a suit, the salesman probably confused you with a bunch of terms you didn’t know. They probably also referred you to a tailor and you saw the price and was like “I can’t afford this!” Men’s suits are expensive and with some brands, you get what you pay for but, there are suits that are affordable and gives plenty of quality. Before you go out and spend thousands on a nice suit, check out what suits we recommend that are stylish, affordable, and excellent quality. 

ASOS Slim Suit

First off, you’ve probably seen this suit before as many celebrities are wearing this. Kumail Nanjiani has taken pictures in this ASOS Slim Suit many times and you probably think “damn that must be an expensive suit.” Well it’s not! The Harris Tweed Herringbone In Blue Check ASOS Slim Suit is 100% wool bringing great comfort and is a great GQ option. GQ even recommends this suit as the whole piece is only $293.

Lazio Grey Plain 

When you buy suit, make sure it’s made from wool SuitSupply makes this affordable, professional looking, men’s suit that you can wear everyday and be comfortable. The Lazio Grey Plain suit pairs well with many shirts and shoes. Public figures such as Justin Bieber and Usher wear SuitSupply suits to many events and the best part, it’s under $1000, it’s $499 to be exact.

COS Suits

If you’re looking for an affordable suit then checkout COS as they make quality stylish suits that under $500. Suits like these are a great option as the regular fit brings comfort and makes you look professional. Great for office work, salesmen, weddings, or just if you need a suit for an occasion.  

Gray Marl Skinny Fit Suit

Maybe you just need some cheap suit that will get you started. Check out the Gray Marl Skinny Fit Suit that is priced at $200. Great for your first men’s suit as you learn how to care for a suit. Comfortable and stylish, paired with a nice slim shirt and slim tie, this suit is perfect for those seeking a men’s suit on a budget.

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