LA's Iconic Place to Eat Grand Central Market

Located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is LA’s most iconic food stop, Grand Central Market. The Grand Central Market has been a downtown landmark since 1917, bringing together the cuisines and cultures of LA. Open daily from 8am-10pm, this food stop is LA’s famous food destination for locals and tourists. 

The Grand Central Market is a place to for everyone to eat. Whether you want authentic Mexican or Filipino food, the Grand Central Market has dozens of vendors for you to pick from. While eating, you can enjoy many of their entertainments from Game Night to Jazz Night with Daniel Richardson.

Maybe you just want some fresh meat or veggies and fruit? The Grand Central Market has a variety of grocery stops for you to enjoy their fresh products. Here are some of our favorite vendors you should try when visiting the Grand Central Market.

The Oyster Gourmet

From Christophe Happillon, Los Angeles’ only Master Ecailler (shellfish master), The Oyster Gourmet offers ecologically sustained seafood focused on oysters but also including mussels, scallops, clams and sea urchin. One of the best places in LA to get some fresh oysters. 

The Chef’s Choice

The Chef’s Choice is our favorite on the menu. It includes Viriginia Oysters, Big Baja Oysters, and Alaskan Oysters. From having a rich taste to a ceviche taste, this meal shows you the different taste of oysters from around the world. 


Grand Central LA oysters
Grand Central LA seafood


Chef Mark Peel, regarded as one of the founders of California cuisine, brings fast-service fish to the Market with broth-based, seafood-focused dishes cooked in steel-jacketed steam kettles. The distinctive, seafood-forward menu includes a Thai Lobster Roll, Paella, Clam Chowder, and the famous Seattle Fish Stew.

Seattle Fish Stew

Packed with amazing flavor, the Seattle Fish Stew will be the best stew you’ll try in LA. This meal includes a variety of seafoods from mussels and clams to thhe rich flavorful shrimp. In addition, the meal came with two thick fried potato chips and their famous mustard that pairs surprisingly well with the stew. 

Sari Sari Store

 In Filipino sari sari translates into ‘whatever’ and is used to describe small stores that sell everything from candy to skewers. The menu is based around savory rice bowls or ‘silog’ that pull from Margarita’s Pinoy heritage, as well as a few sweet items like halo halo. 

Adobo Eggplant Bowl

If you have ever been to a Filipino party, you know how important food is to them. The Adobo Eggplant Bowl is one of their most ordered bowls packed with adobo base sauce, coconut milk, grilled eggplant, grape tomatoes, rice, and chicken. I have many Filipino friends and as much as I love their mom’s homemade Adobo, I have to say the Sari Sari Store beats their Adobo. 

Grand Central LA Filipino Food
Grand Central LA


Eggslut is a chef driven, gourmet food concept inspired by a true love for eggs. The menu is a balance of comfort and innovation, celebrating food that appeals to both novice and extreme foodie through classic comfort fare with a twist, all encompassing their key ingredient, eggs.


The menu is filled with a bunch of breakfast sandwiches but the chef highly recommend we try their cheeseburger. I will say, I was not disappointed. It’s your basic cheeseburger with an egg but what makes this amazing is how they cooked the burger, buns, and egg. All of them was cooked to perfection giving a rich, juicy flavor a cheeseburger should have. 

Ana Maria

Every time I get Albertos with my friends, they always tell me “You don’t know real Mexican food til you try it.” So the team and I ventured out to look for real Mexican Food in LA and ended up in Ana Mari. After trying this place out, I tasted the difference with real Mexican cuisine and my friends felt they were eating their home foods.


Being raised out in California, the only tacos I ever tried were Del Taco, Taco Bell, and Albertos. So when I got here, I had no clue what to order. My friends ordered me the al pastor and carnitas tacos and these were the best damn tacos I ever tried. These tacos were flavorful and tasted fresh and delicious. Pack with plenty of meat and garnish, these tacos had me coming back for more until I got into a food coma. Definitely give Ana Maria a try for authentic Mexican food. Helpful hint if you’re like me, the hot salsa isn’t like anything your typical Albertos gives you, it is freaking hot!

Grand Central LA
Grand Central LA

Final Thoughts

The Grand Central Market is a must when visiting LA or you just want some great food to eat. There are way more vendors than I mentioned in this blog post so be sure to check their site out. Besides food, the Grand Central Market also serves amazing coffee and cold press juice that you should definitely try if you still got room. 

Know before you Go

Just like anywhere in LA, parking is a little hard to find. You can park somewhere on the streets or you can mark at the Grand Central Parking Structure which prices range depending on the day. We visited this place on a Saturday night and paid $5 for the parking structure staying here for a few hours. 

Some vendors at the Grand Central Market also have different hours than the actual Market so be sure you check out the hours if you want to try a specific spot.