Club DV8 18 and up Nightclub (Ohm Nightclub)

September 30, 2018

When you turn 18, you feel you’re finally more free and can do so much more than when you were 17. If you live in California (or well anywhere in the US) then you’re wrong! I’m sorry to say that but there isn’t much more you can do since you turned 18. Yeah, you’re considered an adult but you’re still not treated as an adult. One of the major things I wanted to when I turned 18 was to go clubbing. If you searched the internet, you probably found is your best bet to go. Despite the negative reviews you may have read, don’t listen to them! Club DV8 is a great club especially since you just turned 18 and you want to experience clubbing. Most of those reviews are from the older crowds that hate the young crowd that can get in the club! Here are some highlights of the famous Club DV8.


First off, Club DV8 is the home to many famous celebrities. When I went, it just so happened Ariana Grande was there in the VIP section. Club DV8 is in Hollywood and there are many celebrities that come here to check out the club. LA’s number 1 radio station KIIS FM actually sponsors this club and they always try to get as many celebrities to come out! From Justin Timberlake to Shawn Mendes, many famous people come out to this club.

The Crowd

This can go two ways. The many times I’ve been here, there has been two types of crowds. The younger generation of under 21 and the older generation of 30 and up. If you go with a group of friends (which you should) then you’ll be fine! I know a few of my friends had been hit on by the older crowd and some were creeps but if you’re in a group, you can easily tell them to stay away.

The fun part of this club is partying with people of your age! You’re under 21 and you just want to party. The crowd is typically filled with people your age and that just makes the club even more fun.

Club DV8

The View

Now I personally love places with a nice outdoor area to hangout and enjoy a nice view. Club DV8 has an amazing patio area where you can go out, get some air, sit on their comfy couch, and enjoy the view of Hollywood Boulevard. 

I’ve gone to Club DV8 on sold out nights and the nice thing about the outdoor patio is that very few people go outside! I don’t know why, people love to stay inside for 3 to 5 hours but it’s a nice place to hangout and take a break!

The Music

I enjoy the music they play at Club DV8. The DJ is usually someone who works for iHeartRadio and has specifically DJ for KIIS Fm and other big events. The club typically has theme nights so some music won’t be “club” type music but still pretty good. 

A good example of when I thought the music honestly sucked is when I went there and they had a prom night theme. The music was good most of the time but then the DJ played the famous Ed Sheeran song “Thinkin out loud” and well it’s a good song but not the type to play at a club.

club dv8

The Drinks

Now majority of you reading this is probably under 21 so you can’t drink. This is more for those who just turned 21 and wants to go with friends who are not old enough. The drinks are made fast and good compared to other bartenders. The price is a little up there but considering the name of Club DV8 and location, it’s about right.

If it’s your birthday (I celebrated my 21st here) then you get free shots! I got 2 free shots from their girls up in VIP and it was great! Beautiful women, good music, and free alcohol so why not?

Last Thoughts

Overall, it’s a good club to go to whether you just turned 21 and have friends younger than 21 or you just turned 18 and you want to experience a club! Despite the negative reviews other people have posted, just remember they’re older people who expect a club filled with older people who are wanting to get drunk. Don’t let them scare you away from one of LAs most high profile nightclub.

Club DV8