Things to do in Vegas

We don’t just blog about things to do in LA, we blog about our interesting adventures! Las Vegas, known as Sin City, is the place everyone goes to at some point in their lives. Whether it’s your 21st birthday or you just need a vacation, there are lots of things to do in Vegas (assuming you’re 21). From the nightclubs all over the strip to trying to win big in all the casinos, there is always something to do in Vegas. Maybe your last Vegas trip wasn’t all that great. You watched a show, chilled at your hotel pool, or just walked around the strip. That’s not the real Vegas experience. Let’s talk about the top things to do in Vegas.

Beach Club

Partying in Vegas just doesn’t have to be at night. There are many things to do in Vegas during the day time. The next time you’re in Vegas, make sure you hit up one of their famous Las Vegas Beach Clubs. There are lots of hotels that have their own Beach Club but our personal favorite is the Encore Beach Club (EBC). The Encore Beach Club is home to top-level DJs from The Chainsmokers to Krygo. This is the best place to have some daytime fun. The Encore looks high-end and fancy on the outside but the EBC just takes it to another level. You’ll get the feels of a high-end club because that’s exactly what it is.

Enjoy the party with the live DJs they have playing or relax by the gaming area, there’s always something to do at the EBC that will fit your mood. The best part about the EBC is how many bars they have. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get a drink. Everyone is so spread out and the bartenders make quality drinks fast. Tickets aren’t too bad compared to other day clubs ranging from $25 to $55 for general admission (keep in mind, you’re in Vegas).

Topgolf Las Vegas

Maybe you’re not trying to go to a dayclub because you’re going clubbing later that night. If that’s the case, be sure to check out Topgolf. You don’t even need to know how to golf to enjoy this place. Topgolf is more than just a driving range, it’s like your dream backyard. Their four-levels, each climatically controlled and filled with games, lounge areas, bars, and even a rooftop pool. Enjoy playing corn-hole or beer-pong or have lunch and a few drinks in their lounge area or if you don’t want to do any of that, enjoy a swim in one of their two pools. Topgolf features a level 3 pool which is open to everyone and a level 4 pool which is more isolated and private.

Of course, I can’t mention Topgolf without actually talking about their golfing facility. When the team and I went out there, only two of us has actually ever played a game of golf before but that was not a problem for our friends who has never picked up a golf club a day in their life. Their golfing facility features a 225-yard range which six targets. Topgolf features a special range system where you can play mini-games or track how far and where your ball landed. Our friends learned how to hit a golf ball using their mini-games and a short how-to from their system.

Adventure Co Ops

Experience a Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s move away from the clubs and popular Vegas attractions for a second. Located next to the Palms hotel, Adventure Combat Ops is a new spot in Vegas that gives you the experience of a Zombie Apocalypse. Expect what you would expect if a real zombie apocalypse would actually happen, the chaos, the insanity, the adrenaline, everything that you would expect from if a real zombie apocalypse were to happen.

The Adventure Combat Ops starts with a brief training from their former Navy SEALS, teaching you about the weapons you selected, some target practice, breaching techniques, tactical room clearing, teamwork, and hand-hand combat with their zombies. Then you are moved to an indoor facility (climate controlled facility thank goodness) where you will fight your way through waves of zombies trying to complete the numerous tasks. This event typically takes 2 hours but it’ll be one of the most unique experiences you ever have. 

Omnia Nightclub

Located in one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, the Omnia Nightclub is one of the must-go clubs in Vegas. Located in the Caesars Palace, Omnia Nightclub features a multilevel 75,000-square-foot club with a 22,000-pound chandelier at the center. Of course, like everything else we wrote, Omnia nightclub isn’t like the other clubs on the strip, the whole place is climate controlled and you don’t feel cramped with the thousands of people inside because of the huge space.

The size of the club is huge. To be exact, Omnia nightclub features a two-story main room, a terrace with an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip, and a sultry lounge which is called the Heart of Omnia. The terrace view gives you a panoramic view of the beautiful lights of Las Vegas. The DJs that perform are top level DJs from Afrojack to Oliver Heldens. 

Omnia is apart of Hakkasan group and what Hakkasan did to stand out from the other nightclubs is upgrade their accommodations. The minor features such as cell phone chargers and storage for purses and baggage are small details they did that was a huge benefit. 

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

JEWEL Nightclub

If you can’t get into Omnia or you want to try something new, then check out the JEWEL nightclub located in the Aria Hotel. JEWEL nightclub just opened a two years ago but it has already seen the likes of popular artists such as Drake, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, and Steve Aoki. The music played here is majority pop and EDM. 

JEWEL is on the smaller side when compared to other Las Vegas nightclubs. The 24,000-square-foot club is a third the size of Omnia nightclub but JEWEL still has its unique characteristics. 

First off, there are five VIP suites all with an elegant theme: The Blind Tiger, The Studio, The G.O.A.T., The Champagnehued Prestige suite, and The Gallery. In addition to the VIP rooms, JEWEL shows off their unique lighting that no other clubs have. Their lighting display features 54 moving panels behind the DJ booth with one side being LED lighting and the other side is an LED screen.

The music at JEWEL does vary as James Algate, Hakkasan Group vice president of music, wants to have something for all taste. 

Oh, and by the way, the club is friendly to Aria hotel guests so if you’re staying at the Aria, be sure to ask how you can get on the guest list for JEWEL.

Las Vegas is a place to party and have fun. It’s a place to do things that you want to do back home but can’t. It’s a place filled with things exclusive only to Vegas. It’s Sin City, do what you can’t do back home. If you’re going out to Vegas anytime soon, make sure you do at least one of these ideas to get the “Vegas experience.” From Beach Clubs to Nightclubs or Golfing to Zombie Apocalypse mission, there is always something interesting you can do in Las Vegas, Nevada.