Top Things to do in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is known for many things across the globe. From being the entertainment capital of the world to being the city to go to for good food, everyone knows LA in some way. Don’t get me wrong, LA looks amazing in pictures, movies, and TV, but many people come here and have no idea what to do. Many locals come out to LA as well to feel the big city life, but they don’t know where to go.

Of course a quick google search will tell you many basic places you must go to get the LA experience but let’s face it, not everyone is interested in museums or going to Universal Studios (though that is a nice place to go), but I don’t want to tell you guys all the basic things to do when you’re in LA. I want you guys to experience to real LA experience. So, here are the Top Things to do in LA from a native’s perspective!

Art District

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the art district is great place to stop! Though this isn’t an all day thing, but you can walk around, enjoy the nice California weather, and glaze at all the street art many artists have made. Yes, the first picture was painted by the famous Banksy (a famous England based street artist who chooses t remain anonymous) if you were wondering.

The art district is next to many great LA stops from little Tokyo to our favorite bar and brewery. The area gives off the Los Angeles Hipster vibes with all the people living in the area but the Los Angeles Art District is definite place to go when visiting LA. 

The art district is next to skid row so it might be best not to come here at night. Nothing will probably happen to you but you might walk to skid row and find yourself surrounded by thousands of homeless people. 

The Santee Alley

Fair warning, this place is like a swatmeet but on steroids (it smells like garbage and it’s dirty everywhere). The Santee Alley is a popular place to do some nice shopping! But do note, many (and I mean many) of the items here are more than likely knockoffs. You can get a nice louis vuitton wallet here for $6 from a guy who keeps claiming they’re real. You can get a few Supreme shirts here for $10 each or 2 for $15. 

The Santee Alley is the Costco of all swatmeets. You can pretty much find anything there from DVD’s of recent movies to some nice home decor. Our favorite thing to do while we’re out here is load up on those warm blankets with a big tiger or panda on it. Seriously, I bought 12 of them (as gifts) for $25. 

Many of the vendors here deny their product is fake (pretty sure they know they can get in trouble) but if you want good prices, just agree with them and tell them how much you trying to spend. Majority of the time, the vendors only care about making money and will say yes to whatever offer you give them. Pretty fun place to shop around if you’re on a budget but beware what you’re buying.


EightyTwo Bar

Earlier we mentioned the Art District is near our favorite bar. We love going to EightyTwo. It’s a fun place to hangout, have some drinks, have some fun, and play some classic arcade games!

 Yes, this bar is a legit old school arcade for adults. Have a drink and while you’re at it, play classic games like pinball, tetris, NBA Jam, and much more. All the games here take quarters and yes they have a change machine. It’s a fun place to come and bring you back to your childhood memories.

The drinks here are pretty cheap too. It’s definitely cheaper than many of the bars I’ve been to. I spent around $30 for a few drinks and a hour and a half of games. EightyTwo also have many food trucks coming here from barbecue pit to taco stands each night. 

Spire 73 Rooftop Bar and Lounge

There aren’t a lot of tall buildings out here in California so when we go to LA, we always try to go to Spire 73. What makes this place so special is that it’s a beautiful place to go and enjoy the view from a 73 story building. Spire 73 is like a rooftop bar that we usually see in movies or tv shows. 

Keep in mind I mentioned this is a lounge. This isn’t a place to get ridiculously drunk and party all night. This is a place to take a date, to catch up with old friends, or just have a nice evening. Spire 73 features a view from 1100 feet high, with lounge chairs all around and fire pits everywhere. 

They have a large selection of cocktails and whisky. If you’re a whisky drinker, you have to give Brandy & Rye a try. The bartender recommended it to my friends and I and it was our favorite whiskey we ever had.

Spire73 Rooftop Bar


Let me start off by saying I have no clue how to pronounce this word and I especially have no clue where it came from. If you’re going to be in LA on a Sunday morning, you need to come here. It is literally a bunch of street food vendors, all in one place. 

I don’t come here every Sunday but I do come here a lot. There are usually same vendors every week with the exception of maybe 10 or 11 new ones. The prices are great here! Of course it depends on the vendor and what you get but, I usually spend about $15 for a full meal with dessert (need to have the desert).

Smorgasburg is a nice place for an all day thing to do. After you eat, walk around the shops they have and maybe buy something interesting. Enjoy whatever show they got going on at the time. I’ve seen mostly singers and bands but also a few magicians. 

There you have it! If you don’t want to go to museums, beach, or any of those basic LA attractions, definitely give these places a try! There are a ton of other places you can check out around LA from the Americana to Rodeo Drive but we tried to keep it to what we use to do out here all the time. You can go shopping everywhere but these things you can only do in LA.