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iOS 12 release date, news and features

The long wait has finally come, the release of iOS 12 is out now. Apple has released it's beta version a few months ago and people have been using it like it's the official version. Why? Apple made this beta the smoothest beta release they have ever allowed us...

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Best Gifts to get for a Guy

  Looking for a gift to get for him? You know him so well but you still don’t know what to get him! Here is a guide and some recommendations what you can get him.

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How to Dress Better

Let's talk about two particular outfits we always wear, the casual and semi-formal outfit. Here we break down how to make an outfit that will fit the occasion and give you a GQ style outfit.

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Cool Things to Buy

Oliver Queen Cosplay Arrow Costume

Oliver Queen Cosplay Arrow Costume

The Arrow has been a hit for more than 7 years already. Dress up to your next Cosplay event with this realistic Oliver Queen Arrow Costume. This set comes with everything (besides the bow and arrow) you need to look like the ex-billionaire playboy. From the jacket and pants...

Liquor Dispenser

Liquor Dispenser

We all love alcohol! Why not give your home a modern unique style with this 4 bottle liquor dispenser. Mount it to any wall or cabinet, insert your favorite bottle, and pour your favorite bottle of whiskey in with ease. The rubber inserts prevent any leak so don't even...

Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss Game

Here's a cool home idea item you can buy right now. Everyone loves ring toss. Get it for your man cave or for your living room. This is one of those home items you can hang up anywhere in your home and play whenever you walk by. This is one...

Premium Laser Tag Set

Laser Tag Set for adults

Looking for some cool things to buy for the kids or even your party guest? Check out this Premium Laser Tag Set by The Adventure Guys. This set turns any area into a Laser Tag arena. Choose between various weapon settings from a pistol to a rocket launcher that...

Iron Man MK42 Replica

MK42 Iron Man Wrist Replica

If you're a huge fan of Marvel then you know how cool this would be to buy! The MK42 wrist gauntlet is a fully functional gauntlet that opens and closes the wrist armor, realistic LED lights, realistic sounds, and of course realistic design. When we got this, we seriously...

ASUS VivoBook S

ASUS VivoBook S

The ASUS VivoBook S is the best all-around laptop you can buy. The 14" display paired with the i7 quad-core processor makes the ASUS VivoBook S the best buy laptop in the market. Play games, type essays, take notes, use it for school or work, the ASUS VivoBook S...

Fingerprint Keyless Smart Lock

Smart Lock for your home

It seems like every day there's always something new to make your home smarter. We think Ultraloq stepped up the game with their new smart lock. Not only does it have what every other lock has but, it's the first smart lock with fingerprint identification. Not only are you able...

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

The new Prime show to watch this week is Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan starring a fan favorite of The Office, John Krasinski. You need to watch this now, especially if you're a fan favorite of The Office. See the other side of Jim, the ex-marine, CIA, badass side of...

Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

Disney Mug Warmer

If you love Disney and coffee, then you know this is a must-have item in your home! This Mickey Mouse mug is a simple and cute way to drink your favorite coffee. The matching mug warmer helps you keep your drink hot and fresh.

Grand Central Market

Located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is LA’s most iconic food stop, Grand Central Market. The Grand Central Market has been a downtown landmark since 1917, bringing together the cuisines and cultures of LA.