Cool Things to Buy

Mini Fireshooter

Mini Fireshooter

Remember that show Avatar the Last Airbender? Did you ever wish that you could be a fire bender? Well, now you can with the Ellusionist Pyro Mini Fireshooter! Strap it on your wrist and everytime you open your hand, boom! 

EZExercise Reflex Training


The EZExercise Reflex Training is a simple way for you to get your daily exercise and increase your reflexes. It's literally a ball tied to a headband! It's so simple that it's genius. Put the headband on and punch the ball before the ball hits you!

Window Screen Repair Kit

Window Screen Repair Kit

Every screen has those small little holes that just makes our home look nasty. This Window Screen Repair Kit is an easy way for anyone to patch those holes! Simply cut out how much you need whether is a huge hole or a small hole and use a hair...

Portable Outdoor Shower

RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower

The RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower is your best friend for all your outdoor adventures. This easy to use tank allows you to bring pressurize water with you on your adventures. This is perfect if you need to take a quick shower after a day on the beach or you...

Piano Learning System

ONE Hi-Lite Piano Learning System

The ONE Hi-Lite Piano Learning System is the easiest way to learn how to play the piano. Learn any song you want to play on the piano by simply uploading the song onto the smartphone app and the ONE Hi-Lite Piano Learning System will show you exactly how to...

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

We've all been there when we had a dirty brush and we need to put on our makeup fast. The Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner is literally a lifesaver! It cleans your brush and dries it within seconds. The three levels allow the brush cleaner to accommodate the different brush styles.

ROLI Seaboard Block

ROLI Seaboard

Looking for a cool gift for your music producing friend? The ROLI Seaboard Block is a must have for all music producers! Featuring the 5D Touch Technology and it's incredibly small and portable size, this piece of tech is the must-have gift this holiday. The free software and over...

Easy Bread Kit

Easy Bread Kit

Everything tastes better when it's made fresh! That is why you need this Easy Bread Kit by LoafNest. Within 5 minutes, you can make the best bread you have ever tasted before. This kit takes out the hassle of kneading, shaping, and cleaning in making the perfect loaf of...

Not-Flat Standing Mat

Standing Desk Mat

The standing desk has been one of the latest trends of 2018 but the thing is, standing in front of a desk for even a few minutes just isn't comfortable. The Not-Flat Standing Mat is made so you work in piece in front of your standing desk. The Topo...

Grand Central Market

Located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is LA’s most iconic food stop, Grand Central Market. The Grand Central Market has been a downtown landmark since 1917, bringing together the cuisines and cultures of LA.